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Insist on -- Oriental vision to see the world
Clothing is not just a dress,
Clothing is a continuation of the human character,
Clothing is peoples aesthetic, rendering of attitude to life,
Clothing in addition to the style, also need to have spirit and attitude.
Jess, Daniel a belongs to the young and a young state of mind the brand of the crowd. It argues that "the pursuit of pleasure in life, young pursuit of individuality, embody the boundless youthful vitality. Its product design novel and interesting, colorful and comfortable, very suitable for young and fashionable mix building a style. Jess Daniel through a contains the Oriental aesthetics (inside collect, knowing, mysterious, natural shape,...) Of thinking, is committed to build a kind of fashion brand culture of the east, in the pursuit of fashion, and also to adhere to the self in a new era of populations with "modern Oriental aesthetic attitude" aesthetic views and life experience. Bright, rich color is JESS DANIEL eternal characteristics, with "personality, leisure and elegant" fashion concept for brand style.


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